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A research, individual advocacy, and organizational change firm.

About Us

Enlightened Solutions is a research and advocacy firm that specializes in individual equity, and organizational change. Historically, equity and inclusion work has focused on proving the existence of a “problem” - our work focuses on unearthing foundational solutions.  


We were founded on the belief that workplace equity and inclusion-forward diversity in professional spaces are not buzzwords for organizations to use as an alternative to accountability.  Enlightened Solutions envisions a future that incorporates belonging everywhere and in all industries. 


Our Mission

We create, implement and publish research-based solutions that center the lived experiences of diverse people.



We support individuals navigating exclusionary systems in the workplace through trauma-informed resources, access to legal assistance and general advocacy.


We use a methodology called, "Phenomenological Research" - which values and amplifies the lived experiences of the individuals, groups and organizations we study.

Organizational Development

We are committed to cultivating change within challenging spaces. We embrace pain points and focus on holistic, collaborative problem-solving.


Be the Difference.
Donate to support individuals 
affected by Workplace Inequity.

I did still want to take a moment to reiterate how much I appreciate you both for trusting me to be a partner on Project Noir, and for allowing yourselves to be the first partnership for Lemon-Love... It was one of you that said, Black Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, and it may be because of the antiquated ideologies of the traditional workspace--as you can see that statement stayed with me.

All I've ever wanted was a place to be creative, connected, vulnerable, and relatable. But I had to create that space for myself in order to have it. So everything Enlightened Solutions has done to foster better environments for Black Women— I mean, I'm indebted to ya'll ... I simply am so grateful and fortunate to know you both, and I'm so thankful from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity you've given me.

Lemon Love

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