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Our Values

Enlightened Solutions is committed to cultivating change within challenging spaces.  We embrace pain-points and focus on holistic, collaborative problem solving.  We aim to integrate all six of our foundational principles, empowering each client we serve, each organization we collaborate with, and through each research study published.


We believe everyone should be empowered to bring their whole, authentic self to work and within professional spaces.

Lived Experience

We recognize  the only way to understand a point of view is by listening to, learning about, and affirming diverse  lived experiences.


We use an inclusion-forward methodology, focusing on building an inclusive environment before changing demographics.


We are strategic thinkers and innovative problem solvers who directly target pain points and make lasting and foundational change.


We embrace imperfection.  Growth can only occur when we all acknowledge blind spots and commit to daily introspection and action.


We welcome  difficult conversations.  We strive to uncover truth, especially when difficult or inconvenient.  Growth necessitates sincerity.

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