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Our Story

Bethany and ChiChi met while working at what was supposed to be their dream job, but the experience was marred by widespread injustice and harassment.


Through this first-hand experience, they learned important lessons. First, there is an open secret of workplace conflict and trauma that is rarely researched or openly discussed. Second, there is a lack of helpful interventions for employers and organizations wanting to make authentic and genuine change.

They founded Enlightened Solutions, a 501(c)3 think tank to focus on the problem of systemic injustice. 


They are committed to advocating for marginalized peoples and facilitating change in the most challenging environments. They conduct research, develop change management strategies and help marginalized people make informed choices within systems. 

Meet Our Staff

Enlightened Solutions implements a flattened hierarchy organizational structure.  We are proudly co-led by co-founders and democratize all decisions through this process. 


Successful employee investment begins through decentralized decision-making, creating a culture of resiliency, flexibility and intersectional participation.  We bring this customized and wide lens approach to each individual, each client and throughout our research.

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Managing Director

Bethany (she/her) is a Master's level Social Worker and Barred Attorney in the State of Ohio. Bethany has over a decade of experience in community change initiatives and has served as a leader in prominent social and research-based advocacy movements.

She builds bridges between legal support and marginalized communities - harnessing modern data and research techniques.


Additionally, Bethany has worked in direct practice with diverse groups, including survivors of domestic violence, community police reform movements, and families experiencing poverty. 




Director of Strategy

Chinenye (ChiChi) (she/her) is a strategic thinker. She has over 10 years of experience in community engagement, asset building and advocacy. She holds a Bachelor in Political Science and African Studies and African American Studies from The Ohio State University, with a focus on race and electoral politics.


She continued advocacy work as a Teach for America educator in Houston, Texas serving Title 1 middle school students and their families and Intervention Specialist in CMSD and Euclid City Schools.


In addition, ChiChi broadened her professional experience, consulting in the sphere of public safety. She remains dedicated to progressive and radically inclusive equity in all spaces and for all peoples.

Our Board of Directors
Our Additional Team Members
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