From the workplace, to healthcare, to banking and everything in between, equity research shows serious disparities in opportunity and quality. 


Solutions remain elusive. Enlightened Solutions is working to change that. Using our solutions-focused model, we are creating new and innovative solutions to some of the most difficult problems in the workplace today.

Our research centers the people most affected by systemic problems and lifts up their voices to help inform change. Our model is designed to minimize organizational strain, avoid trauma or pressure to share, and focus on solutions.


Our Model
Ask the right question

We identify highly specific problems to focus the process. Questions shouldn't be theoretical, and should be simple enough for laypeople to digest.

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Think Tank

We engage in a guided think tank process that crowd-sources solutions to problems by drawing on lived experience and traditional expertise - laser focused on tangible questions. 

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Gather Experience

We carefully select authorities with the lived experience to provide real insight. Experts are drawn from organizational stakeholders, community members, and relevant advocacy organizations. 

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Data Analysis

We use data analysis processes to build databases of information to visualize feedback. We multiple types of analysis to best understand feedback in a summary format.