The Scarlet Letters Project
She had not known the weight, until she felt the freedom
- The Scarlet Letter

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Scarlet Letters Project: A Conversation on Workplace Bullying, Equity, and Trauma - a collaborative awareness campaign championed by Enlightened Solutions and The Women’s Leadership Guild.  


Every Monday, we will be sharing anonymous accounts of those who have experienced bullying, harassment, and abuse. Our goal is to highlight the ways individuals and organizations can combat toxic workplace cultures while strengthening and encouraging equity and inclusion.


If you or someone you know would like to submit a story anonymously, click the button below to fill out the form.


Note: All personal information, names, locations, and dates will be redacted. Please remember that we are asking you to share stories that you are comfortable and able to share. If you have confidentiality agreements, contracts, or other barriers to sharing information, please be cautious. 


We invite you to follow and share the conversation by following #TheScarletLettersProject on social media. 


Read the stories at: medium.com/scarlet-letters.